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Hydration Media has taken our nonprofit to the next level. Data management systems and integrations are a critical component of any growing business or nonprofit. We tried several platforms and trusted various experts, but always seemed to wind up disappointed—often with the people we had hired to help us. This has not been the case with Hydration Media. Janelle and her team have exceeded our expectations in the service and expertise they have offered our team. They have gone the extra mile, put in late-night hours, and walked patiently with us through the complete transfer into a new CRM, new online donation portal, and integration with our current donation platforms. They are trustworthy guides into the muddy waters that can sometimes be data management, and I’m so grateful we hired them! I highly recommend their team!"

— Laura Paker, VP of Marketing and Communications,
The Exodus Road
Making the much-needed connection between marketing and business needs is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Janelle and her team. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them through an all-encompassing transition for our nonprofit organization—from rebranding to moving to the HubSpot platform. Above all, I was impressed with their ability to do everything with excellence and within the promised deadline. Our experience with them has been amazing."

— Aaron Marshbanks, VP of Business Operations,
Love Justice International

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Jeff has provided us with strong technical expertise and leadership in numerous projects. He helped us set up our company for success with a new CRM and website. It has been very easy and satisfying to work with him and his team as they always managed to provide us with on-time solutions, both from a technical and resources standpoint."

— Kyle Winchell, Director of Operations,
Signature Style Jewelry
“Janelle's work on influencer marketing had such positive results that in the first year of implementing this strategy, we saw our website traffic grow organically more than 25% in the first year. Since that foundation was laid, we continue to see traffic and leads continue to grow along with the business. Janelle's commitment and perseverance to this strategy really poised us for success. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Janelle; she is always professional and friendly and, as a team, we all really enjoyed working with her."

— Rufus Bazley, Director of Marketing,
Dynamis Ltd.

I worked with Janelle for two years, and she set the bar for client success at our B2B inbound marketing agency. She has the rare combination of strategic thinking, attention to detail, creativity, and relationship building skills that led to client results that always exceeded expectations!"  

— Chris Hawkins, Business Development Manager,
SPROUT Content/Gorilla Group


"Kate played such an important role in helping Love Justice successfully undergo a total rebranding and name change. By correctly understanding the extreme sensitivity and importance of our work, she was able to use her creative writing skills to not only help the reader come to understand the problem, but more importantly, she was able to help motivate them to become part of the solution."

Doug Dworak, Executive Director, Love Justice International

"All the projects I have given to Jeffrey to work on have been completed to the specifications asked for; in addition Jeffrey has a great talent for identifying gaps in workflow and adjusting to ensure the end result is above and beyond what we asked for. Jeffrey's attention to detail is incredible and truly an asset to the service he provides."

Rick Bohaty, Former SVP of Integrations, Nelnet Business

"Lisa Hughes is a thorough and efficient editor with a keen eye for detail. She is willing to go the extra mile to see a project completed."

Kelli Portman, Managing Editor, Honor Books

Kate Olson’s ability to creatively write original website content and blogs for LazaDerm have proven to be invaluable. Kate is a methodical writer keeping in mind search engine optimization results and maintaining the companies vision and goals.

J. Denee Fisher - LazaDerm Skincare Center

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