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Alison Opdeveigh

Project Manager

Alison is the newest member of our team, taking on the role of project manager. Born and raised in Australia, she brings a unique perspective to our already well-rounded team. Alison is currently working with our clients who wish to expand into the Australian market, utilizing her savvy knowledge of the local lingo, terminology, and use of culturally appropriate graphics and design. She brings several years of experience to our team as a project manager with various Australian companies and clients. We are thrilled to have her stateside with us in Colorado. Along with her project manager duties, Alison will also be a part of the writing and editing process in conjunction with the other members of our team.

Looking to experience a new adventure, Alison moved to America in 2017, along with her husband, Dan, and dog, Mikey. She survived her first cold winter and is enjoying spending her free time exploring the mountains and surrounding nature. She is also hoping to experience her first bear sighting, at a safe distance of course, and to take advantage of those cheap domestic flights to Disneyland—much cheaper than flying from Sydney!



“Alison possesses a humility and wisdom that enables her to work within structures and boundaries, while at the same time taking initiative and responsibility in her work.”

- Mark Glanville



about ali

She loves: The ocean.

She swears by: Fish and chips by the beach to cure any bad day.

Her family: Loves living life with with her husband Dan and their 10 year old dog Mikey.

She believes: Life IS like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get...but sometimes it’s helpful to read the bottom of the box.